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The Rockstar VA Podcast with Shiela Pialago is a show all about Virtual Assistance, Freelancing and bits of Digital Marketing. The show aims to share with you the most practical and sustainable insights, tips, and techniques for your journey to being the Rockstar VA!

EP 17 - This One Skill That Can Set You Apart from Competition

“Why fit in when you can stand out?” After receiving hundreds of applications from VAs and Freelancers recently, it has been brought to my attention that there’s this one key skill that most Virtual Assistants and Freelancers still miss out on! In this episode, I had a great time tackling this one “self-management skill”, and turned out to be a key work and life skill in general that you and I have most probably missed out on not just once, but also with multiple clients! And by simply applying it in one week, I earned one more client! Mind-blowing… Tune in!

EP 16 - Setting High Expectations and Why You Need To Have Them

How high are your expectations to yourself and to your clients? How does it influence your work as a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer? I had a wonderful conversation with my mentor last week on setting high expectations. And although, setting high expectations connote some level of stress and pressure, here are my top key pointers on how you can leverage high expectations to your professional benefit.

EP 15 - AI Assistants: A Threat to Your Virtual Assistant Job?

Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants a threat to Virtual Assistants and Freelancers? In this episode, we looked into how AI is rapidly changing the digital environment and even, the market behaviour of our clients a.k.a. the business owners and their customers. Exploring the latest findings and developments in A.I., there are skills that you can also uplevel to keep up with this ever-changing ecosystem.

EP 14 - Why Niched VAs Appeal Best to Business Owners

Are you a Niched VA or a Jack-of-all-Trades? Is it high-time to specialize or broaden your skills now that the competition online is ultra-competitive? Here’s my two cents of why Niched VAs appeal BEST to Business Owners!

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EP 13 - Medical Content Writing Tips and Tools with Winnie Ocaña

Are you a “Newbie Pro”– Someone who has years of experience in the real world (offline) but who has now transitioned into the online world of freelancing/virtual assistance? But, how can you make your offline experiences work to your advantage online? Registered nurse and corporate communications expert, Winnie Ocaña, a corporate communications pro and a registered nurse, shares her transition story to Medical Content Writing.

EP 12 - Winning 150+ Proposals with Mandeep Singh

Struggling with your business proposal with online clients? In this episode, Full Stack Web Developer, Mandeep Singh, is becoming one of India’s young and bold entrepreneurs, conquering the international stage and garnering over 150 foreign online clients at 24!

EP11: My 10-Step Action Plan to Attracting Clients Online

Big thanks to everyone who joined my fundraising event on “How To Be a Rockstar Virtual Assistant in 2021”! In this episode, I’ve thought of sharing one of the highlights of the event: My 10-Step Action Plan to Attract Clients Online. Take notes!

EP10: VA Career Stability with Cydelle Stewart

Is Virtual Assistance a good career for the long-term? What is the key to Virtual Assistant Longevity and maintain a stable source of income? Online Business Expert, Virtual Assistant Coach, and Founder of VA Agency, Onit! Communications, Cydelle Stewart shares her inspirational journey on switching from the corporate to the virtual assistance world and how she found her passion in supporting business owners and maintained long-term relationships with the ‘right’ clients!

EP09: How To Win a U.S. Client with Jason Rigby

How much do you know about U.S. clients really? Do you know about their pet peeves in the virtual workplace? In fact, why do a lot of (Filipino) VAs still struggle to win a U.S. client? Well, tune into my latest episode with Jason Rigby, the CMO of the global tech company, and a high-ticket digital marketing agency owner based in the U.S. and take note of his fresh and career-changing insights from his 2021 experience of hiring VAs and Freelancers from the Philippines.

EP08: Courageous Visibility with Lisa Barry

How Visible Are You? Whether you’re still sending out proposals to potential clients or you’re already busy promoting your clients’ businesses online, our own visibility is often overlooked. It’s almost like forgetting to water and grow ourselves in this ‘space’ that we live in! Join me in my latest episode with the Queen of Courageous Visibility herself, Lisa Barry!

EP07: VA Skills and Experience with Julmar Grace Locsin

Are you a VA who has the skills but don’t have the experience yet? Are you an experienced VA who is wondering if you should niche down or expand your horizon? Or are you a little bit of both? Tune into my latest episode with Julmar Grace Locsin, the Principal Owner at Surge Digital Agency and the Owner of the Filipino Virtual Assistance Consultancy!

EP06: Powerful Branding: What Makes a Rockstar Online Profile?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression — make it one that will set you apart, build trust and reflect who you are.”

It’s 2021, how powerful is your personal brand as a VA? Yes, Rockstar VAs also need to market themselves better this year now that the world is turning more digital than ever!

EP05: VA Moms: Queens of Time Management with May Martin

How do VA Moms manage their time? In this episode, I will be speaking with a Rockstar VA Mom, May Martin, a mom of 4 toddlers and the CEO & Founder of MomsAtWork, share her tested-and-proven strategies on how she effectively juggles her personal and professional roles!

EP04: How to Minimize Workaholism and Be More Productive with Dave Ruel

Why are VAs prone to burnout? In this new episode, we have our Rockstar Mentor, Dave Ruel — a former competitive physique athlete turned serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leadership mentor, sharing his best strategies to win over workaholism and promote productivity in the online workplace.

EP03: How to Effectively Reach Out to Your Potential and Star with Kim Brown

Online Communication is the cornerstone of our success and longevity as Rockstar VAs. In this episode, Kim Brown, the CEO of Gr8CollaborationVA, talks about the most practical approaches to a potential client online and how to address virtual barriers when communicating with your current clients.

EP02: The Almighty Relevance - How Relevant Are You As a VA?

How relevant are you to your potential clients? What does it even mean to be relevant and why is it important? I’ve been rejected so many times and more recently, I’ve hit rock bottom thanks to COVID. But the best thing about being at the bottom is that your only way is UP!

So in this episode, join me as we deep-dive into how I’ve applied relevance into my work as a VA and Freelancer. We’ll also do a mini-workshop on how you can start to be more relevant with your resume, application, cover letter, and proposal!

EP01: Welcome to the Rockstar VA Podcast! | What is a Rockstar VA?

Welcome to the Rockstar VA Podcast with Shiela Pialago! I’m Shiela, a Virtual Assistant and Freelancer for over 6 years now (at least as of the time of writing) and I’m so excited to finally launch this show.

The Rockstar VA Podcast is a personal and independent initiative by Shiela Pialago to provide an insightful and practical discussion all about Virtual Assistance and Freelancing; thus, supporting her advocacy for continuous learning and bridging of local and foreign professionals to business owners all over the world.

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