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The Rockstar VA Podcast is hosted by Shiela Pialago that aims to support Virtual Assistants and Freelancers to have a long-term and relevant career in the virtual workplace. It is a combination of practical career solutions from digital industry experts, real-life insights from rockstars and useful strategies and tips to help you be more productive, ethical, and optimized when working remotely.
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The Double-Edged Sword: Weighing Health and Opportunities in Virtual Assistance and Freelancing

Tune in for a powerful conversation about the importance of health, self-care, and maintaining work-life balance in the fast-paced world of virtual assistance and freelancing. You won't want to miss this!

Erratic to Strategic: The L.A.W. Method for Handling Last-Minute Decision Makers

Ever felt overwhelmed by clients who change their minds at the last minute? Tune into the latest episode of the Rockstar VA Podcast where I unpack the L.A.W. method to help you navigate through the unpredictability and guide your clients towards strategic decision-making. A must-listen for those who want to transform the chaos of erratic decision-making into a structured strategy.

The S.T.E.P. Strategy: Virtual Work Stress Management Made Easy

In this episode, I'm going to introduce the S.T.E.P. strategy for managing stress in the virtual workplace. Discover how this technique can help you overcome the unique challenges of remote work, such as deadline anxiety and coordinating with colleagues in multiple time zones.

Personal Battles, Professional Wins: Strategies for Keeping Clients During Life's Toughest Moments

Ready to conquer personal battles and secure professional wins? In this eye-opening episode, we reveal realistic strategies for maintaining client relationships during life's most challenging moments. Learn actionable techniques for retaining clients even when life throws curveballs.

Where Are My Target Clients? How to Attract Your Ideal Clients with Precision

Freelancer or virtual assistant? Attracting high-quality clients can be challenging. Join me as I reveal a powerful strategy for winning over your ideal clients.

Learn Smarter, Not Harder: Hassle-Free Learning for Busy Freelancers

In this episode of the Rockstar VA Podcast, Shiela shares her hassle-free learning strategies for busy freelancers. She emphasizes the importance of staying informed and organized in the digital industry and offers her own catchphrase - the 3 Rs of Digital Learning: Reference, Readings, and Recordings. By taking a strategic approach to learning and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in your field, you can improve your skills, stay ahead of the curve, and achieve your goals.

The Price of Location: My Experience with Remote Job Discrimination

What if I told you that there's another factor that could hinder your chances of getting remotely hired or getting that ideal client, one that's completely out of your control? Imagine being rejected not because of your skills or experience, but simply because of where you live. In this episode, I'm going to share with you my experience with this remote job discrimination and what we can do about it. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into it.

From Mistake to Mastery: Lessons Learned When Taking on New Clients

In this episode, I'm going to share about a part of my journey as a freelancer in the Digital Marketing industry. Recently, I've learned a lot from just taking on new clients. It's so easy to get excited about new opportunities, but it's also important to approach it with patience and a deeper understanding. I'll be sharing some of my own missteps and some tough lessons along the way. Tune in!

7 Sins of Time-Tracking: Ignored Impacts, Simple Solutions

"Have you fallen into any of the '7 Sins of Time-Tracking'? This episode of the podcast explores Time Tracking in the world of freelancing and virtual assistance. Learn about common mistakes and how to overcome them with a fresh approach that promotes Time Tracking as a valuable tool for improving work efficiency and accuracy.

6-Figure Freelancing: Proven, Sustainable Strategies with Sarah Duran

Are you ready to take your freelancing career to the next level and earn 6-figures on your own? In this episode, I am excited to have Sarah Duran, a successful freelance project manager and consistent six-figure freelancer as our guest, who will share her proven strategies for achieving financial success as a solo freelancer, from finding high-paying clients to scaling your business, and offering practical tips and actionable advice for reaching six-figure earnings without the need for an agency. Tune in and unlock your earning potential as a freelancer.

Upskilling in the Age of AI: Strategies for Thriving in the Job Market with Molly Rose Speed

For this episode, I have a special guest, Molly Rose Speed, who is a leading expert in online business, systems, and outsourcing. Molly will be sharing her knowledge and insights on how to stay competitive in the job market, by mastering the skills needed for success in an AI-driven world. She will also be discussing the importance of continuously learning and upskilling in order to stay relevant in today's rapidly changing job market. So, tune in to hear Molly's valuable advice and strategies to help you thrive in the age of AI.

Double Your Income: Proven Strategies To Adjust Prices Without Losing Clients

Are you tired of feeling intimidated when it comes to adjusting your prices as a freelancer? Learn how to approach pricing conversations with empathy and gain a better understanding of your client's budget and current business situation.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome in 2023: Strategies for Combating Self-Doubt as a Freelancer

If you've ever found yourself feeling intimidated by potential clients, you're not alone. In fact, imposter syndrome is a common challenge that many experienced or established freelancers and virtual assistants face. But with the right mindset and strategies, it's possible to overcome self-doubt and shine in client interviews, at least during this time when you most need to overcome it. I’ll be sharing with you my strategies for doing just that, so tune in!


Dealing with Isolation and Stress in Freelancing

As freelancers, we often have the freedom to work from anywhere, but that doesn't necessarily mean we are immune to feelings of isolation. With nearly a decade of experience working remotely, we offer tips and strategies for maintaining mental health and productivity while navigating the ups and downs of freelancing. Tune in to learn more about how to thrive as a freelancer in today's world.

3 Useful Strategies That Tone Down Fussy Clients

I have always admired neurodiversity, but in reality, some people are wired too much on the meticulous side that honestly, can get frustrating 😤 So here are my spilled straTEAgies on how I have been able to power through fussy clients and anticipate the nit-picking! Tune in!

Season 2 Finale: Creating Your Rockstar "Digital Garden"

Thanks to the concept of creating a "Digital Garden" introduced by MIT Tech Review, I have built my business from the ground up with this as a mantra in mind. Tune in how I have applied it in my career as VA!

How Listening Leads To Professional Stability and Abundance

"Where do I find clients?", "How do I keep clients for the long-term?" or "Why don't I have clients until today?" -- These are burning questions that often intimidate or frustrate Virtual Assistants. But a decade into this business, I realize one edge that has worked and continues to work for me either when new clients come in or why my current clients want to continue working with me. Tune in!

My Top 3 Habits To Speak English To Clients Without Fear

“Ms Shiela, how did you become so fluent in English?” As flattering as this question is, I did not make it overnight and surely, it would have declined over time if I did not consciously do something about. It only takes some E.T.C. Tune in!

How to Quickly Respond to Clients Without Losing Sleep & Quality Time

How fast do you respond to your clients' tasks/messages? Here's my take on Response Time for VAs and Freelancers and why it is important, why it is necessary for your remote clients, how it affects your relationship with your client, and how you can be more responsive without sacrificing sleep and quality time with your loved ones! Tune in!

The Biggest Problem Virtual Assistants DO NOT See

Why do 80% of professionals who switch to be Virtual Assistants and Freelancers after a year or two quit? Why do some thrive well in this industry and some fail? I see one big problem. If you’re one of those VAs who are frustrated from the countless rejections, no response, or worse, no shows. Tune in!

Turning Your Creativity Into a Professional Career with Jjay Villamor

What once was just a random convo on art and personal perspectives on choreography at the gym, now turned out into an amazing conversation in this episode on self-discovery, creative blocks, and dealing with the "honest" feedback. Happy to have Coach Jjay sharing how he's fuelling his creative skills into an actual professional career. Tune in!

3 Clear Signs To Gracefully Let a Current Client Go

"When I start a partnership with a new client, I either end up with a lesson learned or a new me." Here's a little confession of how I gracefully let go of a client and the ultra-clear signs of what made me do it. Tune in!

From Call Center to Virtual Assistance with Ivy Manilag

I met Ivy in one of the job interviews I held recently and along with her unique story and warm personality, she shares her journey on being a former call center agent, the advantages of being in the call center industry, and how she found her way to virtual assistance and freelancing, especially in the social media niche. Tune in!

Pursuing a Meaningful Career Path with Ezra Ceniza

What do you want from your career? Do you believe that you can love what you do and make money doing it? Enjoyed this wonderful conversation with my special guest, Ezra Hilary Ceniza, a licensed and certified EFL teacher based in Vietnam.

How Scammers Impersonated My Clients (And What You Can Do About It)

"Imagine they were able to mimic my client's tone of writing..." Phishing is not news. But when these scammers actually take the time to get to know you, "do their research" per se, let alone impersonate the people you work with a.k.a. your clients, things become a little chair-gripping. Tune in and know what you can do about it!

Channeling Your Creativity Into Success with Dominique Berenguer

A graduate of Media and Entertainment Management, Dominique Berenguer shares this and more inside wires on being creatively productive, especially in terms of Social Media Marketing (SMM). We all know that SMM is no cake-walk, but having collaborated with Dominique gave me that 'silver lining' that SMM can be something more than just a task. If channeling is done right, a creative genius can rise. Tune in!

How Remote Work Complements My Disability with Drae Cerna

Sound engineer and voice-over specialist, Drae Cerna, opens up about his struggles with Tourette Syndrome (TS), a condition of the nervous system that causes people to have “tics” and how remote work is currently helping him cope with the physical and mental health challenges. FUN FACT: He is the man behind the Rockstar VA Podcast intro and outro voice-overs!

Remote Work Trends For 2022 That You Should Know (Part 2)

Whether you're a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer, or a professional pandemically switched to working from home, it's an inescapable fact that remote work has been the most helpful route for us to thrive this year. Join me as I outline the top remote work trends for 2022 that you should know about and hopefully would point you in the right direction.

Remote Work Trends For 2022 That You Should Know (Part 1)

In between rapidly changing events and decisions, will this business landscape offer more benefits or challenges for 2022? As Finances Online posed, "is Remote Work a viable long-term strategy for working?" Join me as I outline the top remote work trends for 2022 that you should know about and hopefully would point you in the right direction.

Kajabi and Kimi Brown: Factors on Choosing Your Niche (Part 2)

Kimi Brown joins the Rockstar VA Podcast once more to kick off this season! In the second part of her episode, Kimi shares tips on the language of honesty and initiative when it comes to your VA tasks and finding your niche in the Virtual Assistance industry. Tune in!

Kajabi and Kimi Brown: Factors on Choosing Your Niche (Part 1)

Kimi Brown joins the Rockstar VA Podcast once more to kick off this season! In this episode, Kimi gave a mini-workshop on identifying your ideal clients and a few tips on finding your niche in Virtual Assistance industry. Tune in!

EP 20 - Launching To Your Zone of Genius in Virtual Assistance

"Work should not really feel like work," says Dr. Gay Hendricks in his best-selling book, The Big Leap, but with the expectations and demands on being a Virtual Assistant, how can you consciously make this happen in real life even when circumstances push you to your limits?

EP 19 - How Strong Is Your Work Ethic?

Do you still exhibit qualities of a strong work ethic now that you’re working remotely or virtually? In this episode, I've shared the Top 3 traits that make up a strong work ethic of a Rockstar VA. Also, we will do a self-evaluation at the end to assess how commendable your work ethic is and what you still have to work on! Tune in!

EP 18 - No. 1 Stumbling Block of VAs From Getting Hired or Renewed

What is this number 1 stumbling block that discourages your potential clients from hiring you or your current clients from renewing their contract with you? This is where a lot of us (yes, even me!) fall short and it is a process you would not want to miss out on! Tune in!

EP 17 - This One Skill That Can Set You Apart from Competition

“Why fit in when you can stand out?” After receiving hundreds of applications from VAs and Freelancers recently, it has been brought to my attention that there’s this one key skill that most Virtual Assistants and Freelancers still miss out on! In this episode, I had a great time tackling this one “self-management skill”, and turned out to be a key work and life skill in general that you and I have most probably missed out on not just once, but also with multiple clients! And by simply applying it in one week, I earned one more client! Mind-blowing… Tune in!

EP 16 - Setting High Expectations and Why You Need To Have Them

How high are your expectations to yourself and to your clients? How does it influence your work as a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer? I had a wonderful conversation with my mentor last week on setting high expectations. And although, setting high expectations connote some level of stress and pressure, here are my top key pointers on how you can leverage high expectations to your professional benefit.

EP 15 - AI Assistants: A Threat to Your Virtual Assistant Job?

Are Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants a threat to Virtual Assistants and Freelancers? In this episode, we looked into how AI is rapidly changing the digital environment and even, the market behaviour of our clients a.k.a. the business owners and their customers. Exploring the latest findings and developments in A.I., there are skills that you can also uplevel to keep up with this ever-changing ecosystem.

EP 14 - Why Niched VAs Appeal Best to Business Owners

Are you a Niched VA or a Jack-of-all-Trades? Is it high-time to specialize or broaden your skills now that the competition online is ultra-competitive? Here’s my two cents of why Niched VAs appeal BEST to Business Owners!

Agree or disagree? Want to hear your thoughts HERE !
I appreciate and consider big-time every feedback I get.

EP 13 - Medical Content Writing Tips and Tools with Winnie Ocaña

Are you a “Newbie Pro”– Someone who has years of experience in the real world (offline) but who has now transitioned into the online world of freelancing/virtual assistance? But, how can you make your offline experiences work to your advantage online? Registered nurse and corporate communications expert, Winnie Ocaña, a corporate communications pro and a registered nurse, shares her transition story to Medical Content Writing.

EP 12 - Winning 150+ Proposals with Mandeep Singh

Struggling with your business proposal with online clients? In this episode, Full Stack Web Developer, Mandeep Singh, is becoming one of India’s young and bold entrepreneurs, conquering the international stage and garnering over 150 foreign online clients at 24!

EP11: My 10-Step Action Plan to Attracting Clients Online

Big thanks to everyone who joined my fundraising event on “How To Be a Rockstar Virtual Assistant in 2021”! In this episode, I’ve thought of sharing one of the highlights of the event: My 10-Step Action Plan to Attract Clients Online. Take notes!

EP10: VA Career Stability with Cydelle Stewart

Is Virtual Assistance a good career for the long-term? What is the key to Virtual Assistant Longevity and maintain a stable source of income? Online Business Expert, Virtual Assistant Coach, and Founder of VA Agency, Onit! Communications, Cydelle Stewart shares her inspirational journey on switching from the corporate to the virtual assistance world and how she found her passion in supporting business owners and maintained long-term relationships with the ‘right’ clients!

EP09: How To Win a U.S. Client with Jason Rigby

How much do you know about U.S. clients really? Do you know about their pet peeves in the virtual workplace? In fact, why do a lot of (Filipino) VAs still struggle to win a U.S. client? Well, tune into my latest episode with Jason Rigby, the CMO of the global tech company, Tartle.co and a high-ticket digital marketing agency owner based in the U.S. and take note of his fresh and career-changing insights from his 2021 experience of hiring VAs and Freelancers from the Philippines.

EP08: Courageous Visibility with Lisa Barry

How Visible Are You? Whether you’re still sending out proposals to potential clients or you’re already busy promoting your clients’ businesses online, our own visibility is often overlooked. It’s almost like forgetting to water and grow ourselves in this ‘space’ that we live in! Join me in my latest episode with the Queen of Courageous Visibility herself, Lisa Barry!

EP07: VA Skills and Experience with Julmar Grace Locsin

Are you a VA who has the skills but don’t have the experience yet? Are you an experienced VA who is wondering if you should niche down or expand your horizon? Or are you a little bit of both? Tune into my latest episode with Julmar Grace Locsin, the Principal Owner at Surge Digital Agency and the Owner of the Filipino Virtual Assistance Consultancy!

EP06: Powerful Branding: What Makes a Rockstar Online Profile?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression — make it one that will set you apart, build trust and reflect who you are.”

It’s 2021, how powerful is your personal brand as a VA? Yes, Rockstar VAs also need to market themselves better this year now that the world is turning more digital than ever!

EP05: VA Moms: Queens of Time Management with May Martin

How do VA Moms manage their time? In this episode, I will be speaking with a Rockstar VA Mom, May Martin, a mom of 4 toddlers and the CEO & Founder of MomsAtWork, share her tested-and-proven strategies on how she effectively juggles her personal and professional roles!

EP04: How to Minimize Workaholism and Be More Productive with Dave Ruel

Why are VAs prone to burnout? In this new episode, we have our Rockstar Mentor, Dave Ruel — a former competitive physique athlete turned serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, and leadership mentor, sharing his best strategies to win over workaholism and promote productivity in the online workplace.

EP03: How to Effectively Reach Out to Your Potential and Star with Kim Brown

Online Communication is the cornerstone of our success and longevity as Rockstar VAs. In this episode, Kim Brown, the CEO of Gr8CollaborationVA, talks about the most practical approaches to a potential client online and how to address virtual barriers when communicating with your current clients.

EP02: The Almighty Relevance - How Relevant Are You As a VA?

How relevant are you to your potential clients? What does it even mean to be relevant and why is it important? I’ve been rejected so many times and more recently, I’ve hit rock bottom thanks to COVID. But the best thing about being at the bottom is that your only way is UP!

So in this episode, join me as we deep-dive into how I’ve applied relevance into my work as a VA and Freelancer. We’ll also do a mini-workshop on how you can start to be more relevant with your resume, application, cover letter, and proposal!

EP01: Welcome to the Rockstar VA Podcast! | What is a Rockstar VA?

Welcome to the Rockstar VA Podcast with Shiela Pialago! I’m Shiela, a Virtual Assistant and Freelancer for over 6 years now (at least as of the time of writing) and I’m so excited to finally launch this show.

The Rockstar VA Podcast is a personal and independent initiative by Shiela Pialago to provide an insightful and practical discussion all about Virtual Assistance and Freelancing; thus, supporting her advocacy for continuous learning and bridging of local and foreign professionals to business owners all over the world.

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May 14, 2021

Around December 2020, I was able to listen to Shiela's spotify podcasts. Just as I was starting to read and understand freelancing and the virtual assistance industry. The podcast was quite insightful as it was relevant to what I was researching and planning to do for by January 2021. Started to build my UpWork profile by February and gained a client for short project by March. And just this April, my onlinejobs.ph profile. I then had chanced upon the live webinar on "How to be a Rockstar VA". Shiela has inspired me to push a step further to building my career in freelancing and finding my niche. Right now, I am learning courses online.

Elwyn Rodrigazo

Helpful Insights and very Useful Tips!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

Found Shiela's podcast a couple of months ago and I'm just thankful that I did! She has many helpful insights on how you can be a step ahead of the game when it comes to applying for a freelance job, updating your profiles online as well bringing your A-game during your pre-employment interviews. The results? Well, I got a job online a few days after a consultation with her! Thank you, Shiela!

Jethro Fule
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