Project Management

Managing projects and team members was an opportunity that knocked my doors by chance! Having experienced doing every nitty-gritty work from content writing, social media, graphic design, and so on for nearly a decade, I was encouraged to onboard other VAs and Freelancers under my wing and create the ideal teams for my clients' business.

As your business grows, you need more hands and minds to work IN your business that will enable you to work ON your business. So now, I help business owners find the VAs/Freelancers for their business and for the most part, they'd prefer me to manage them too!
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Podcast Management

My first-ever client shared her first plan to bring solid health information out to the world back in 2016. Self-taught, I have successfully produced a podcast in the same year, continued to help other podcasters with the publishing and production; and in 2020, I created my own podcast for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers -- The Rockstar VA Podcast.

Whether you already have a podcast or starting to plan for one, we can make that happen. Podcasting is an enabling format for voices to be heard and in a world full of noise, might as well make some noise for the betterment of humanity.
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Social Media Management

On average, each person owns around 4-8 social media accounts. But which platform/s is best suitable for your business? For Business-to-Business (B2B) companies, LinkedIn and Facebook rock it; for a Business-to-Clients (B2C) market, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube could skyrocket your sales when done right. But is this always true?

Over the years of helping healthcare and tech companies manage and market their businesses on social media, the major drivers of success are clarity and consistency. Is your brand messaging clear and straightforward enough? Is your message entertaining or educational or both? I want to hear your side of the story.
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Content Marketing

Content is king! There are so many ways as well as challenges to marketing your content; but, I genuinely enjoy strategizing with my clients where we can get the best ROI (return-on-investment) for the business.

Where does your audience hang out? When do they go online? What channels do you want to share and spread your business to? What types of content (text, image, audio, or video) do your audience best responds to? As a Digital Marketing VA, we live in this space where your audience and customers reside. So I want to hear your SMART goals for yourself and for your business.
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