Shiela Pialago - July 16, 2021

Paying It Forward

I often get a surprised reaction when I tell another Virtual Assistant or Freelancer that I can refer them to a client without any strings attached… well, I do!

Because you know that phrase, “Pay it forward“? You “pay it forward” when you respond to a person’s kindness to you by being kind to someone else.

I’m thankful to receive 5 referrals from my Star clients this month alone. It’s actually very kind of them to do that for me given that I’m working for them as well. I think their confidence in me is heart-warming and very selfless.

So the proper “netiquette” to handle referrals is to hop on to that discovery call with each of them to discuss further details. Here I get to learn more:

 If the business model and needs align with my skillset and expertise, CHECK 

 If the client’s personality positively resonates with mine, CHECK 

 If I still have available time, CHECK 

If it DOES NOT, that’s where my hand-picked Rockstar VAs & Freelancers comes in. They are like my cream of the crop.

I do the liberty of virtually meeting with each of them (new connection or old friend) in my free time just to casually chat about our professional lives and hear out each other stories, journeys, and current endeavors too.

And because of this initiative, I can say that the VAs I recommend are pretty solid. I think my love for language and communication has also been very useful in the sense that I can objectively decide who to best recommend for the opportunity.

Going back, not only do I help a business owner but I also get to share that kindness in a form of an opportunity with someone else.

I know these times are difficult for a lot of us. Money is scarce and oftentimes, kindness wilts with it.

Nevertheless, despite the difficulties, I always put in mind that the universe will conspire to make all the things that you deserve happen to you anyway. 

So basically, if you receive kindness from someone today, pay it forward to someone else… even to a stray dog! 

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