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I’m Shiela, a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant and a Marketing Manager/Director in the making!

I currently serve several healthcare and socially-conscious businesses who serve to help and promote the betterment of the community. 

On the side, I host the Rockstar VA Podcast, a show for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers aiming to help professionals gain stability and longevity in their careers online!

Professional Milestones

I largely owe my extensive knowledge and skills to the people and businesses I’ve worked with over the years!
Language Teaching
"English as Second Language (ESL) Instructor..."
Blog Writer (Part-Time), 8Point8 Creative Hub, Cebu, The Philippines
Creative Writing
SMM/SEO Content Writer (Full-Time), 8Point8 Creative Hub, Cebu, The Philippines
Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Manager and Content Writer, The Australian Tomatis® Method via Delonix Teams, Cebu, The Philippines
  • Graphic Design & Admin VA, Underwood Real Estate Group
  • Volunteer, In-House English Teacher, Summer Program, Children of Asia-Philippines, Cebu, The Philippines
The Overseas Experience
In-House Social Media Content Writer, Holiday Factory UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Digital Marketing Direction & Management
  • Marketing Director, Well Life ABQ & Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ
  • Digital Marketing Manager, The Australian Tomatis® Method
  • Outreach Officer,
  • Digital Marketing VA, Gr8CollaborationVA
    Social Media VA, Charlotte Smith Coaching
  • Social Media VA, SP Consulting Group
  • Email Marketing & Graphic Design VA, Lisa Barry Online

The Rockstar VA Podcast

The Rockstar VA Podcast is a show all about Virtual Assistance, Freelancing and bits and pieces of Digital Marketing. Shiela Pialago, the podcast host, is also a Digital Marketing VA & Strategist for over 6 years now, helping SMEs in the healthcare, real estate, high-ticket coaching industries. The show aims to share with you the most practical and sustainable insights on the road to being the Rockstar VA!


~Katherine Devine Raver
CEO & Founder, Well Life ABQ
Injection & Infusion Clinic of ABQ
“Shiela took over the marketing at both of my clinics. She is a Rockstar at social media. She juggles copywriters and web people and holds them accountable. She is not only able to create a strategy, she can implement. She also communicates and tracks progress for us non-marketing people.”
~Francoise Nicoloff
Director & Founder
The Australian Tomatis Method
“I have known Shiela for over two years. She has worked for me and my company for two years as a content writer, a social media marketer and setting up a radio podcast for our company. All the times I have found Shiela to be very reliable, hard-working, conscientious, creative, taking initiative, peace-loving, courteous, always seeking for solutions and ready to go the extra mile. I am happy to recommend Miss Shiela Mae Pialago as she can work independently and also be an active member of a team. She will certainly be a very positive asset to any structure that she will join.”
~Charlotte Smith
Executive Lawyer Coach
Wow just wow! I have been working with Shiela for a while now, and she has been such an asset to my business. I was impressed by our initial conversation, her knowledge, her ability to quickly learn and understand my business model, plus the messaging I share with my audience then apply it to our social media strategy. She does a fabulous job at designing content in Canva, she manages multiple social media accounts for me. She is always upbeat and has a can do attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone interested in taking on a VA specializing in social media and content creation. Thank you Shiela for being so fantastic.
~Debby Fernandes
Partnerships & Social Media Manager
Holiday Factory UAE
Shiela is a dedicated and hard-working professional I have come across. She is always thinking of ways to make things better. During her time with Holiday Factory, she showed a strong team spirit and would help in any way possible. She never turned down a task and surprisingly always had time to do more. She is organized and will go out of her way to provide results. Being a quick learner she would take initiative and do things proactively. Shiela is definitely a valuable asset to any company that decides to work with her!
~Lisa Barry​
Mission-Led Content Coach
“Shiela has been an amazing asset to my business. She is talented, efficient, quick and produces high quality work. Just as importantly though, she is kind and thoughtful. It has been a great relief having her by my side, I know I can trust her and that means the world. I highly recommend her.”

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