About me



How I Got Started

After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Literature from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines, I started out as an English as Second Language Teacher for foreign students.

In the Philippines, English is our second official language and it’s used in school and at work.

My clients often get stunned with my American-ish accent. If you’re curious, check out one of my podcast episodes below:

I was English teaching for a year and a half with my part-time writing job until— one day, my voice gave up on me.

I still remember that morning, I spoke to Mamay (that’s what I call my mom) and I was forcing my voice to come out but there was nothing. I had to cancel all my classes that day to visit the doctor and later, I was diagnosed with Chronic Laryngitis. It sucked, I know.

Fast forward, I searched online and I found this “freelance creative writing gig. Believe me, I had no idea that I was going to do “Content Writing”.

At the time, I knew that I was going to write…a lot. So, it was more like a leap of faith with my strengths and skills honestly.


After a year and a half in SEO Content Writing, I moved to a local digital marketing agency here in Cebu and worked as a Social Media Manager and Content Writer for an Australian client for 2 years. 

And 4 years later, I got an offer to fly and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a big travel company to be part of their Marketing team, which was a major learning experience for sure.

But that took another big turn in 2020 (like the whole world did), the COVID-19 pandemic happened and the one of the first industries to take the big hit was the travel businesses.

I had to travel back to my home country in March 2020, and there I shifted back to working from home. Truth be told, the career shift to becoming an online independent contractor was terrifying.

Questions like “How do I pay for my taxes?” “How do I get health insurance?” “Where do I get clients?” “How do I earn well enough with this job?” These questions stuck into my head for a while.

Nevertheless, despite the current crisis we are still in, I can say that I am really moving forward with a more active and solid clientele than ever and I launched my own podcast for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers too!


Professional Milestones

I largely owe my extensive knowledge and skills to the people and business owners I’ve worked with over the years!

Creative Spark
"English as Second Language (ESL) Instructor..."
Blog Writer (Part-Time), 8Point8 Creative Hub, Cebu, The Philippines
Content Writing Race
SMM/SEO Content Writer (Full-Time), 8Point8 Creative Hub, Cebu, The Philippines
Digital Marketing Exploration
  • Social Media Marketing Manager and Content Writer, The Australian Tomatis® Method via Delonix Teams, Cebu, The Philippines
  • Graphic Design & Admin VA, Underwood Real Estate Group
  • Volunteer, In-House English Teacher, Summer Program, Children of Asia-Philippines, Cebu, The Philippines
The Overseas Experience
In-House Social Media Content Writer, Holiday Factory UAE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Digital Marketing Management
  • Marketing Director, Well Life ABQ & Injection and Infusion Clinic of ABQ
  • Digital Marketing Manager, The Australian Tomatis® Method
  • Outreach Officer, Tartle.co
  • Digital Marketing VA, Gr8CollaborationVA
  • Social Media VA, Charlotte Smith Coaching
  • Social Media VA, SP Consulting Group
  • Email Marketing & Graphic Design VA, Lisa Barry Online